Digital Methods Initiative, August 2007.

The Digital Methods Initiative is a contribution to doing research into the "natively digital". The focus is on how methods may change, however slightly or wholesale, owing to the technical specificities of new media.
The initiative is twofold. First, we wish to interrogate what scholars have called "virtual methods," ascertaining the extent to which the new methods can stake claim to taking into account the differences that new media make (Hine, 2005). Second, we desire to create a platform to display the tools and methods to perform research that can, also, take advantage of "web epistemology". The web may have distinctive ways of recommending information (Rogers, 2004; Sunstein, 2006). Which digital methods innovate with and also critically display the recommender culture that is at the heart of new media information environments?[1]
Project: Diagnosing the Condition of Iraq: The web view.[2]

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